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Pirate Princess Argenta is one of the many minifigures featured in LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed.

An opportunistic attacker who sends debuffed enemies to the briny depths.

Always looking to prove herself, Argent never backs down from a fight... which probably explains the eyepatch.

A reccomended hero to pair up with her is Captain Redbeard.


As it turns out, high-seas piracy can be a bit of an old boy's club. Luckily, Pirate Princess Argenta is right there in the thick of it, using her rapier to carve out a seat at the table and a lion's share of the loot. A completely fearless captain, there's no job too dangerous, too foolish, or too foolishly dangerous for Argenta to take on... a fact that her crew is somewhat less than enthusiastic about!

  • Yaaaaar, Queen!: Argenta appears only in the 2015 set "Treasure Island" where she is referred to as "Pirate Queen".