LEGO Legacy Heroes Unboxed Wiki

Gems are a currency in Lego Legacy: Heroes Unboxed.


Completing Nodes: Every time you complete a node for the first time, you gain 2 Gems.

Leveling Up: Leveling up your account adds gems, albeit only a few.

Daily Quests: Each Daily Quest grants you 5 Gems (with the exception of one) and the daily reward gives you 15 Gems.

Achievements: Most Achievements grant Gems upon completion.

Daily Login: Certain days of the month gift 50 Gems.

Arena Rewards: Arena Rewards grant Gems along with Arena Coins.

Lego Legacy Events: Certain events, such as the Wings of Fury event grant the player gems. Another example is Global Release.

Brick Separators: Using a Brick Separator has a chance to grant 5 Gems.

In-App Purchases: There are certain packs buyable which contain gems whether that be only Gems or with other items.

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Gems are a currency, so they are used to buy multiple items.

Shopping: Gems can be used in the Shop to buy Coins, Bags, Scrolls, Gear, Gear Plans, Gear Bits or Tiles.

Energy Refreshing: Using 50-200 Gems (maxes out at 5) per day, you can refresh 100 yellow or red Energy.

Arena Refreshing: You can battle consecutively without waiting by using 50 Gems.

Node Refreshing: Using 50 Gems, you can refresh a node's time wait after looting it.