LEGO Legacy Heroes Unboxed Wiki

Dragon Master Burnabus is one of the many minifigures featured in LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed.

People say it's not easy being king, which is kinda weird since Brutus has been one his whole life and he barely does anything, like... ever.


  • A Good Defense (basic) Deals 70% damage to target foe, and Brutus has a 25% chance to gain Dodge Up I for 1 turn. Unlocks at assembly
  • Guards! (special) Select a target hero. The hero gains Taunt for 1 turn and Defense Up I for 1 turn. Unlocks at assembly.
  • Return of the King...'s Men (special) Deals 115% damage to target foe, and clears all debuffs from a random hero. Unlocks at Gear 2.
  • King's Eminence (passive) Whenever a hero gains Taunt, Brutus's pep increases by 10%. Unlocks at Gear 4.


  • He unlocks at 3 stars, requiring 65 tiles.
  • Currently, tiles are only available through the Arena Shop and Bags.