LEGO Legacy Heroes Unboxed Wiki

In Lego Legacy you have various sets available to help establish your side of the battlefield and to potentially give you the edge, these sets can help in a variety of ways. Some help by providing your team with buffs, where as others will help by giving de-buffs to your opponents team. Good thing about most sets are that they will support heroes specific to that set as well heroes who aren’t, although it will be down to you to determine which sets will support the current team you have to the best of their ability. In the Set screen you can use a Brick Separator on a set to get a Gear Plan or Bit (Depending on the set), an Ability Elixer either tier 1 or 2 (Depending on the set), 250 coins or 5 gems.

Current Set Categories:

Main Categories:

Builder and Explorer

Set Categories:

Castle, City, Ninjago, Pirate and Space.

Sub Categories:

Buccaneer, Chill, Classicspace, Frightknight, Ice Planet, Imperial, Justice, Magical, Role Model, Spinjitzu, Spooky, Techie and Wanted.

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