LEGO Legacy Heroes Unboxed Wiki

Minifigures are the collectible characters that make up teams. Various character are in different categories in order to help you build your team, ordinarily you can only have 5 characters as a part of your team. You can get be supplied an extra character as part of the storyline for continuity of the mission as well as additional support for the mission, in addition to being able to use a member from a Guild you may decide to join.

Current Minifigure Categories:

Main Categories:

Builder and Explorer

Role Categories:

Attacker, Support, Healer and Tank

Set Categories:

Castle, City, Ninjago, Pirate, Space, Collectible and Ghostbuster

Sub Categories:

Alien, Blacktron, Buccaneer, Chill, Classicspace, Costumed, Frightknight, Garma. Army, Ice Planet, Imperial, Justice, King's Court, Magical, Role Model, Spinjitzu, Spooky, Techie and Wanted.

Star Ratings

With levelling up the star rating for your heroes they all see to cost the same amount:

2 Stars: 50,000 Coins

3 Stars: 100,000 Coins

4 Stars: 250,000 Coins

5 Starts: 500,000 Coins

6 Stars: 1,000,000 Coins

7 Stars: 1,500,000 Coins

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